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Qualitative model of American-style bed.

Qualitative model of American-style bed.
All cloth parts is simulated in Marvelous Designer. Then retopology was made using TexTools and manual corrections of some moments. That is why, all parts of the model consist of Quads. Due to this model weighs much less than the original of Marvelous Designer, as well as mesh quality is much better than the same Zremesher created in Zbrush.
Each part of the model has a UV Unwrap.
Due to the normal_map baked with high resolution , there is no need in VrayDisplacementMod.. Model looks qualitatively and without displacement .
Resolution of each normal_map = 8192 * 8192
All dimensions are identical to natural.
All parts of the model , as well as materials have adequate names.
In the archive all is laid out in folders :

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